Sunday, February 27, 2011

R.I.P. Kerry Chistopher aka New York

Well this is a blog and I usually post real personal stuff on here but, in this case i feel i have to ......This has been a long week for me and alot of people that I know ...reason is that a very good friend of mine and to many other people, was found dead in a senseless act of violence this week, now grant it I might have not been as close to him as alot of people i know....but he always kept it 100% with me....on the many occasions that we hung-out or if i seen him or he seen me we would stop and chop it up with each other...and just the conversations that we had about life....but the reason that i think this just lays so heavy on my heart is because of our similarities....for one he was a man... a black man at that ...our ages are the same...we both have children that we love very dearly.....and whose to say at any particular time.or place..a hater or someone that wants something i have, would come and take my life...and leave the people that i love the most with out a son, the end everybody be safe..and tell your friend and family you love them , because tomorrow isn't always promised to you...R.I.P.New York.......Sidenote: only lames proofread

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